Note to Alex and Len Berman

I just watched my favorite NY TV sports anchor, Len Berman, talk about Alex. It’s as shame the media is looking for the bad and not the good. Yes, we all want to play fair in life, but let’s face it, Alex is human! Cut the guy a break. He admitted what he did and that’s that/ What Len and others should be saying is that Alex needs to do major community service with kids to make sure they understand that he was wrong and they should never partake in drugs of any kind. As a sports psychologist, I do not condone Alex’s use of enhancement drugs, but I also know that his hard work since joining the Yankees is surpassed by no major league player. As a human being, I am very willing to accept his admission and move on. Let’s face it; Ruth had hot dogs, beer, cigars and other health enhancing products. Let’s put an asterisk next to his 60 home runs. OK, I’m kidding. But, we can asterisk anything if we want to. Media, Alex be. He’s one heck of a player and more of a man than most of us.



Melky, I read on the Yankee site that you are planning to play in the World Classic. BAD MOVE MY FRIEND! How can you MAKE the starting team, let alone not be traded if Joe and the guys do NOT see you fight for your centerfield position. I realize how proud we all are about our country of birth, but don’t let this misguided birth right get in your way of winning the starting centerfield spot on the team who is paying your salary. PLEASE, PLEASE, go to spring training and win the opening day spot in centerfield. I am one of your biggest fans, but even I would not give you a chance to start opening day if you did not take time to prove to me that you earned it!!!! I might even put you on the trading block. Let your buddy Cano play. He’s earned it and will start opening day. Heed my words my amigo. ¬°Permanencia y juego, cl√°sico mundial y lejos!

Introducing, Andy Manny.

Time is money as the old business motto goes. The Yanks have past that motto two weeks ago. Hal, let me introduce you to a new player called, Andy Manny. He pitches and pinch hits. What a guy. part of him has long hair, part of him has the tenacity of a bear. He eats up innings. He embarrasses opponents with his bat. What a novel idea: a left handed pitcher who bats righty, strikes out people and hits home runs.  Hal, it’s the perfect two fer. Yep, like the old double header, this is a double headed  good time for use fans. We fans loved the two fer double header, we’ll love this two fer a lot better. Hal, just go for it! Let Andy Manny be part of our new stadium and part of our Yankee culture, our new lore. But, time is money Hal, so act quickly. In this season of miracles. Andy Manny is our miracle in the Bronx our double headed monster man! Let’s hear it for Andy Manny, if he can’t do it no one can!

A note to Andy Pettitte.

Andy, take the money the Yankees offer with the caveat that YOU start opening day at the new stadium. What a coup. Last to win at the old stadium, first to win at the new stadium. Glory forever! And, trust me, the future money you will make from being the last winning pitcher at the old stadium and the first winning pitcher at the new stadium will be a lifetime of glory and money for you and your family, as you will live in Yankee folklore forever, and you WILL win!  Look at your lineup. Don forget to taking dirt in a special glass container from the new mound after you win. I’ll be glad to take the infamous picture of you taking the dirt. lol. Andy, come back! PLEASE!!!!!

Cano and Cabrera…Dynamic Duo, or Dynamic do over?

The young Yankee duo, or do over? Are they good or bad for the Yankees? They each started as a great boost to an older more mature team with their jumping and high fiving. They became the new Yankees. They became the future young Yankees. The Cashman twins! What happened last year to the two of them? Maybe it is easier to ask what did not happen last year to the two of them? Maybe they fell into the deep obis called, “I made it therefore I do not have to try any more?” Maybe they tried to copy Mantle Ford, Martin and the gang and stay out all night? Maybe they met Mead? Who’s Mead? No matter! OK, with so many scenarios let’s find one that says it all. Wait, maybe it is a combination of all three? Yep, that’s it. All three: I made it; I can stay out all night; I can listen to Mead and not be nice to anyone!  

What MLB teams want these young Yankees? Everyone! Trade bait, or Let’s wait?. In Cano’s case the Yankees are trying to resurrect the original Cano, the player everyone thought was going to be the next Rod Carew. (Hall of Fame 1991) The Yankees have taken the off season to work with Cano and put him on a strict work out schedule. Cabrera, not that the brass has left him alone, but if he is to be the Yankees centerfielder of tomorrow, he’d better get his own trainer and batting coach. Lord knows he is one of the best defensive outfielders we have seen in many years. One hell of an arm. One hell of a quick read on the ball. One hell of a future with the Yankees if he wants it badly enough.

If any Yankee can reach these two in spirit it has to be Jeter, the Captain. Jeter is a quiet voice in the media, but a very active voice in the locker room. So, let’s say it is Jeter who will drive these two to again be the like the spirited rookies they were. The young kids who brought the Yankees mature idols life and spirit. Hey, even the best of the best need to be little boys sometime, even mature idols.

Will Cashman et al trade either of them? No to Cano! Possibly to Cabrera, although I hope not! Hal, get with it and help the kid during the off season!!!!!!!!!!! 

BTW: I believe whole heartedly that the new Yankee Stadium should be named….” The House the Boss Built!” I fit was not for George, we’d be no where!



Arbitration is a monster discussed as opportunity. Andy is coming up for arbitration tomorrow. Do the Yankees let him go to arbitration or not? NOT! I love Andy. I want him on our team for at least 2009. He deserves to be there. But, and that’s a big BUT, Andy wants to play in NY and has made that clear. Why arbitrate? You don’t if you are a good business person and I believe Hank is just that, a good business person. I write this blog today. Tomorrow we will hear what the Yankees will do with Andy.


Old fashioned baseball: beat the hell out of your opponent! New philosophy: strike out everyone on your opponent’s team! Why can’t they co-exist? They can. The Boss’ replacements, Hal, Hank, and Brian are excellent baseball people. However, we (the Yankees) seem to be missing a fine point old fashion baseball. I know it would be great for us have CC et al, but why not think about Tiexiera and Manny and just CC. What a line up we’d have! Damon, Jeter, Tiexiera, Alex, Manny, Nady, Posada, Cano, Swisher. Would any team consider waking any one of them to get to the next batter? Doubtful! Starting pitching: Chin; CC; Joba; Andy; and let our young kid, Hughes get his experience in the major league till he learns how to control his young nervousness. Let’s understand the following: good business is always outsmarting your opponents before they outsmart you. Thus, a legitimate offer, now, to Teixeira can bring about getting CC and Tiexiera. Lastly, call the new stadium: The House the Boss Built!!!!!!!!!!!! If it was not for George, we’d not be the Yankees of old, nor the  Yankees of the future!